Community Acupuncture

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Today in America, Acupuncture is usually a one on one treatment in a private room with patient and practitioner only. The Acupuncture Physician spends up to a half hour just asking questions of the patient and attempting to make diagnosis through a long drawn out process of inquiry. After this long session of questions, the treatment is given and the patient usually has 20 minutes to rest with the needles in and then, they have to get up and go because the practitioner has other patients coming in. This private setting is very time consuming and expensive! The treatments are usually done once per week.

Unfortunately it’s not the questions or the privacy that make acupuncture successful! The success of acupuncture is due to the acupuncture itself, how long the needles are left in and how often the patient gets treatment! Community Acupuncture allows the patient to afford treatment more often AND it uses the treatment time wisely!

Here’s how it works…

There is one big treatment room with 6 recliners for patients to recline in comfortably, yes, that’s right, no massage table to try and find comfort on! Just a big comfy, recliner and rest in!

I will ask you basic questions like, “why are you here for treatment?” I will check your pulses and look at your tongue, traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis. When you come in for your first treatment, I will get some more specific information but when you return for consecutive treatments, I will get just the basics!

I will use points on your hands, arms, legs, feet, and possibly your head, face and neck in order to access all areas of the body. This way, you stay fully clothed for the treatment, which saves time and is so much more convenient! The treatments are less invasive than traditional acupuncture.

You will be in the room with up to 5 other patients, all of you relaxing and healing together. Acupuncture moves qi and strengthens qi, don’t you think that will be more successful if there is MORE QI in the room??

You can lie in your chair for as long as you need to! I’m not going to rush you out, especially if you’ve fallen asleep! The best healing happens when you’re sleeping!

Acupuncture has almost always been a community based medicine in China. In order for acupuncture to be most effective, patients need to get treatments often and regularly — far more frequently and regularly than most insurance plans will pay for and far more than most Americans can afford in a private setting.

Community acupuncture clinics represent a return to tradition…the first time that I was treated in a community setting, I knew that I could never again practice one on one private treatments! I enjoyed the setting so much more and believe in the philosophy so deeply! I think you too will LOVE this concept!