Private Duty Care Manager

One of the first priorities for Private Duty Care Manager is conducting a comprehensive assessment of your loved ones physical health, activities of daily living skills, social support, physical environments, emotional status, intellectual functioning, resources, strengths, needs, wishes, and desires. Private Duty Care Manager is to oversee your home health plan of care. It is our goal to ensure you receive personalized and coordinated services that meet your unique, individualized home health care needs. The services provided are not to replace the primary caregiver, but instead to assist with the daily activities of a loved one so that the primary caregiver can make and have time to restore their own health. There is no one else who can care for the recipient better than a loved one. It can involve an hour or less a day, or it can be an all-consuming 24 hours a day, delivering compassionate care to the patient, family, and communities that we serve.