Harris and Helen Harper
Ms. Megan Durgan has assisted my husband and me for about a year and a half at our home in Safety Harbor, FL. In that time we have experienced illnesses, accidents, and surgery, not to mention informities of advancing age. Megan has acted as day and night nurse, housekeeper, cook, yard, caretaker, chauffuer, buyer, and companion, always helpful and dependable as well as of good cheer. She is a “take-charge” person, and we are very fortunate to be able to employ her. I have had helpers for most of my 88 years, and we recommend Megan highly.
Harris and Helen Harper, Safety Harbor, FL

"I suffered from a chronic digestive problem for two years. Megan helped me to identify the emotional issue at the root cause, and after a one hour session with her, my problem has disappeared! She is an amazing person and healer."
Michael S., Tampa, FL

Megan has shown exemplary commitment and loyalty to patients and me. Ms. Durgan’s overall compassion, integrity, and attention to detail was to this day never been challenged by another massage therapist in my office. I would highly recommend without prejudice any future endeavors made by Megan with full endorsement and trust that she with the best of her ability will outperform even her in the right circumstances and environment.
William A. Buhrman Jr., D.C., Safety Harbor, FL